The 5 Best International Airports for Food

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Although traveling to a new international destination is thrilling, surviving the pre-travel airport experience is generally pretty lousy — especially when it comes to eating. However, when it comes to airport restaurants, certain destinations rank far better than others. Our readers declared these five international airports the best hubs for eating and drinking in transit. Forget the microwave breakfast sandwich, lukewarm coffee, and watered-down cocktails — these airports’ offerings will surely set you up for international travel success.

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London Heathrow Airport (England)
London Heathrow Airport
Since the official closing of Terminal 1 in 2015, London Heathrow has been home to four operating terminals brimming with great places to grab a bite — 33, to be exact. Beyond the caffeine-focused staples found at Caffè Nero and Costa — which you’ll find in each open terminal at Heathrow — a number of fine-dining establishments are also scattered around the airport. Highlights include Caviar House Oyster Bar (Terminal 3), Carluccio’s (Terminal 4), and Big Smoke (Terminal 2), as well as an array of classic, aptly-named British pubs: The Prince of Wales, The Queen’s Arms, and The Crown Rivers Wetherspoon. Leon is a lovely choice for a quick breakfast that can accommodate nearly every dietary restriction on the planet, though Black Sheep in Terminal 3 definitely pours the better brew.

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Vancouver International Airport (Canada)
Vancouver International Airport
In terms of its food-to-terminal ratio, Vancouver International is pretty exceptional. A whopping 38 food and drink establishments can be found across the airport’s three terminals. Although numerous fast-food options are available, airport-bound travelers should check out the far more exciting options on-site. For healthy eats on the go, Joe & the Juice, Trendi Smoothies, and Dirty Apron offer a handful of plant-based food and beverage options, while meat lovers will take delight in the menu items found at Stanley Park Taphouse, True Burger, and Urban Crave. Sal y Limon is perfect for margaritas and snacks, while Church’s Chicken is a must for all things fried. No matter what time of day it is, don’t skip on a classic Tim Hortons coffee and donut.

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Munich Airport (Germany)
Munich Airport
While home to just two — albeit relatively large — terminals, Munich’s airport boasts 65 outlets to eat, drink, or grab a quick snack. As you would hope, the airport houses numerous places to grab authentic German beer, including Airbrau and Alfredo Bar & Biergarten, as well as brew-branded establishments such as Erdinger Bar & Biergarten, Hofbrau Bistro, and Paulaner Bar & Biergarten. Solid cups of coffee can be found at Boconero, Allresto, Coffee Fellows, and Segafredo, with healthy eats aplenty at foodji. For those craving Thai, Bamee is the place to hit, and for authentic Munich eats, check out Dallmayr Bistro. For finer dining accommodations, head to Selmans Restaurant & Bar or Sissi & Franz for a small taste of in-transit luxury.

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Dublin Airport (Ireland)
Dublin Airport
Like Munich, Dublin’s airport comprises just two terminals, though it offers an impressive 35 food and beverage concepts. For a great place to sit back, relax, and enjoy a classic Irish breakfast, The Fallow Kitchen & Bar is the place to be, though Oak Café Bar and Tap & Brew are perfect options for afternoon and evening travelers. Numerous food markets, including Marquette, Food Village, and Wrights Food Court, are excellent for grabbing prepared foods and snacks to take on the go, while those with a bit more time will definitely enjoy savoring a glass of wine over at Flutes. Sweet treat fanatics, be sure to grab a hot chocolate (and chocolates to go) at Ireland’s signature Butlers Chocolate Café — worry not, there’s a location in each terminal.

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Keflavík International Airport (Iceland)
Keflavik International Airport
Keflavík International Airport is the only entry on this list to comprise a single terminal — though, make no mistake, it’s a big one. The single terminal, known as Leifur Eiríksson Air Terminal, opened in 1987 and was extended and expanded in 2001 and 2008. Unlike the other entries on the list, Keflavík’s offerings are fewer, though what it lacks in options it certainly makes up for in quality. Segafredo and Mathús are go-to options for coffee and prepared foods, while Jómafrún is perfect for indulging in one last Danish-inspired smørrebrød (traditional Scandinavian open-faced sandwich). The tantalizing smell of wood-fired pizza regularly emanates from Hjá Höllu, while freshly prepared acai bowls entice health-minded travelers at Maikai. For those with more time, a sit-down meal at Nord is nothing short of delightful, while a refreshing brew promises to quickly quench your thirst at Loksins Bar.

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Editor’s Pick: Singapore Changi Airport
Changi Airport
With a giant indoor waterfall, butterfly garden, IMAX movie theater, and seemingly endless shops and restaurants, Singapore’s world-class airport is consistently recognized as the world’s best, having undergone $1.3 billion in renovations. Your eating options here are thrilling, with a mini hawker center filled with renowned street food stalls and nearly 200 restaurants serving so many of the cuisines you’ll find in Singapore, from Malaysian to Cantonese. You could plan a week-long vacation to the airport alone and still not make your way through all of the delicious offerings. The airport hosts a number of on-site sushi places, including Aji Ichi Sushi Bar, Itacho Sushi, and Sushi Tei, as well as a handful of delicious ramen places (Shiki Hototogisu, Woke Ramen, and Ichikokudo Hakkaido). So Pho and Singapore Street Food are also solid choices, as are Fong Sheng Hao (Taiwanese), Jinjja (Korean Fried Chicken), and Kaveri Indian Vegetarian. One thing’s for sure — whether posted up before a flight or passing through on a layover, you definitely won’t leave Changi Airport hungry. - F&W Editors

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