Eat Your Way Through 65 Countries on This Around-the-World Cruise

Royal Caribbean is ready to set sail … and keep on going. 

In 2021, the famed cruise company announced its plans to embark on a round-the-world journey with its Ultimate World Cruise, allowing guests to explore (and dine) on all seven continents across its 274-night sailing. 

Guests have the option to either book the entire trip or go on one of four segments, each consisting of more than 60 days. The first segment, the Ultimate Americas Cruise, sets off this December 10 to February 11 and will travel from Miami and hug the entire South American coastline, touching Antarctica along the way. Next, from February 11 to May 9, guests can join the Ultimate Asia Pacific Cruise, which sails from Los Angeles to Hawaii, French Polynesia to New Zealand, and then on to Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and China before ending in Japan.

“You can spend 274 nights bonding with like-minded explorers over global discoveries across all seven continents,” the cruise company wrote on its website. “Connect with countless distinct cultures, soak up the most spectacular landscapes on Earth, and marvel at World Wonders that showcase mankind’s boundless imagination.”

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For the second half of the sailing, guests can join the Ultimate Middle East and Mediterranean Cruise, which stops in destinations like Dubai, Oman, Egypt, Israel, Greece, Turkey, and Italy. And finally, the last leg, the Ultimate Europe and Beyond Cruise, will take travelers to Spain, Portugal, Ireland, France, Germany, Sweden, and beyond, before ending back in Miami on September 10, 2024. 

On the entire route, guests will have access to spectacular onboard dining options across 18 bars and restaurants, including snagging a spot at Chef’s Table, a five-course dining experience with expertly paired wines, or at Far East, a concept featuring fresh sushi. There’s also Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen, a Royal Caribbean favorite serving pasta and hand-tossed pizzas.

Travelers on all or just parts of the journey can indulge in local flavors too, including food-favorite destinations like Costa Rica, where visitors can sip on coffee grown at the 640-acre Arabica coffee farm Espiritu Santo in the mountain town of Naranjo and try local wines at Mexico Ensenada Vineyard Valley.

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Further on the trip, guests can grab a sweet shave ice in the Hawaiian islands; snag poisson cru, a ceviche made with ahi tuna in coconut milk and lime juice, in Tahiti; try a whole roasted pig (known locally as Babi Guling) in Bali; dig into sfougato and fried tomato keftedes fritters in the Greek Island; and, of course, savor a Neapolitan-style pizza (or two) in Naples, and so much more.

There’s still time to get on board with this once-in-a-lifetime trip. Learn more about the cruise, and all its stops, here

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